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Tribute to “Kobe Bryant” – one year remembrance

Dear Kobe,

When a celebrity dies, people often cry more than the bereaved, but in your case, many of those cries were worth it. One who knew you after your death would also cry for such great loss; you were born with a bright star and lived with great footprints, but death took you so soon.

Source: USA Today

… born to a basketball star, nephew to another basketball star, a father to many budding stars, and a legend bearer of the basketball game himself. Even though you had a short life, you made long-lasting impacts and huge achievements.

Little did we know that 26th January 2020 was bringing us a global shocker. Imagine the heartbreak of the woman who lost her husband and her thirteen-year-old promising daughter on the same day.

Source: Parade

Well, to say thank you for what you did with your time may seem somewhat insensitive, nevertheless, dear Kobe, THANKS a million round for entertaining, inspiring, and teaching us.

Not only did you bless the roundball game, but you graced other things you explored with so much beauty. You featured handsomely as a writer, producer, spokesman, philanthropist, mentor, husband, and father. Even your movie “Dear Basketball” won an Academy award in 2018 for the best animated short film.

Source: The Guardian

You weren’t just a man for basketball, you were a man and supporter of all sports and a strong believer in the power of sports. We saw your posts and expressive support for friends and families in volleyball, football, tennis game, etc. You believed in the power of sports and concurred with a likened great man – Nelson Mandela – via your Instagram post on 18 July 2014 quoting his exact words:

Your excellence outgrew the basketball and sports industry and melted onto other spheres of life, and the world surely misses your touch.

Your legacy lives on; continue to rest in peace dear Black Mamba.



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