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Five reasons why proper project management is gold.

Is project management as important as hyped? Well, Yes!

When a person or organization wants to grow, they define strategies to help them achieve their goals, right? But how do you drive these strategies to realization?

It’s simple, define projects and manage them!

Projects are drivers of strategies. Like the toy board below, projects are the building blocks that make your strategies towards achieving your goals, a reality. When you manage you projects properly, you see results and celebrate progress.

Toy board of projects driving strategies to completion.

But then, you shouldn’t just define projects, you should commit to its management. Here are five reasons why you should consider imbibing proper management of your projects:

1. You get to see your projects’ content via the lens of scope management

When we are naïve, we usually jump into projects without having a wholistic view of what it takes to complete the project. Not only do we carry on that project with gaps, but we also risk wastage of time and resources by doing things that are unnecessary.

Project scope management

Proper scope management ensures that you do “every and only” the work needed to complete your project. It fleshes out your project work into various work packages and saves you from stress.

2. You gain better time & resources’ efficiency

Delayed project delivery and cost overrun are some of the commonest shortcomings in project management; and poor project management is the first ingredient to project failure.

Project management optimizes time and resources efficiently

When you properly define a project scope, you begin to flesh out the time, cost and resources each work package will require. Project management gives you wide range of tools to define and mange your project schedule and resources, be it finance, human or equipment.

3. Optimal risk management

There is NO project without risks, but you know what’s worse? Managing a project without risk management.

SWOT analysis used in project risk management

Project risk management involves taking time to identify possible risks, assessing their impacts, planning for their responses, implementing those responses when need be and monitoring the risks repeatedly

Proper project management is PROACTIVE not reactive.

4. Stronger stakeholders and communications management

A university professor hired a project manager for his building construction project. The manager did well BUT … the client’s wife was greatly dissatisfied. What went wrong?

The manager was hired to manage the construction of the building and the construction alone. But he thought it great to add some extra toppings to his sponsor’s parfait, by gold-plating the job and adding beautiful flower beds to the scope.

Well, the man’s wife was a horticulturist and had the intention to import her flower selections from Israel.

The manager failed to identify his client’s wife as a major stakeholder with power and influence. He also failed to communicate his intention to his client, at least that would have saved him the embarrassment. Proper project management does the wonders to avoid these mistakes and save time and resources too.

5. An opportunity to learn

You know why the successful ones get more successful? They learn from both their wins and their failures.

One of the best things in project management is taking a moment to register lessons learned from your projects. Not only do you gain records of the experience but you also have an arsenal to face future projects.

If you have a taste of proper project management, you wouldn’t want to turn around. Waste no further resources, hire a project manager. … like this article? Leave a comment and share with friends.

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