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I’m Ifunanya Anyanwu (formerly Chinweuba) but I don’t mind if you call me Dr. STM. I’m a medical doctor and a PMI-certified project manager, and I’ve helped individuals and organizations achieve their goals by offering them my project management and/or data analysing services. I can help you achieve your goals too.

Health-wise, I’ve equally helped my clients to make correct and informed decisions regarding their health

I’m certain you’d be curious about the meaning of Dr. STM, that’s fine, read through this page first and you’ll know more.

Anyone who stays a while with me acknowledges that I am an amalgamation of knowledge and they are right!

Here are thoughts from some of my clients and partners

Stella is a good writer. I particularly appreciate how she does appropriate research on a topic and genuinely puts in effort in understanding the subject matter hence producing an excellent write-up

I have known Stellamaris for over 7yrs. Initially, she was just one of the brilliant chaps in medical school, until I worked with her during the production of our medical school’s association’s magazine – Aquilamedics magazine – after which my admiration for her heightened.
STM, as she is fondly called, is the definition of a dedicated, honest, hardworking, and most importantly an intelligent team player. She contributes 100% to any task she maps out to accomplish. Her organizational acumen is top-notch. In the future, I will always call upon STM anytime I need a dedicated team to handle a project

I have worked with Dr. STM on quite a number of her projects and I can proudly say the experiences I got from her can’t be compared to any other.
She is a goal getter, a team player who makes working with her memorable and fun, hardworking, and a perfectionist.
Dr. STM is a mentor, a role model, and an inspiration.
Her Prowess is second to none! She is the real definition of a WONDER WOMAN!

Here are some of my projects

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  • Fighting breast cancer

    Fighting breast cancer

    The World Health Organization often sets out the whole month of October to support the fight against breast cancer. It is the most prevalent cancer in the world and even in Nigeria, yet it can be cured if detected early. On 15th October 2021, through the support of Media Health Foundation, we had a radio…

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